ran into the bottom of a flight of stairs
nat / hhanaruby
reads hp r18 fanfics in public
aston / ritsucc
chokes on noodles many times
has a dick and is a bitch ass poster
was pure but then sucks cock 24/7
laila / kaaorus
love for kaoru is as vast as the ocean
ren / vhsren
oshi-san~ maintenance please~
brother may i have some oats
umi / 2Bgumi
please save her from twitter
mom friend, lesbian, and proud
tali / rnorrigan
gf of mom friend, lesbian, and proud
domo / silentoat
spams your tl with memes and mao
sonia / tsujigirileo
who is leo. he doesn't exist.
lea / izumis
izumi's slut member #1 and akira's hoe
izumi's slut member #2 and part of his fanclub
hurt himself with a safety pin and safety scissors
ana / hhokke
if you mention hokuto, she'll be there
cinthya / acchike
still going through her emo phase
former young mistress who revolted
eyle / DydREyle
tried to count the number of fish heads in a bucket