i'll make a graphic of any fandom but mainly enstars/deresute/love live
Request Status: On
Credit: not required
Questions: DM me
Wallpapers: ok!
Headers: ok!
Icons: ok!
Graphics will be made per requester's orders! If you are unsatisfied with the result, I can always redo it!
I'd like to keep this mainly deresute/enstars/love live, however, I'm fine with making you any graphic from any fandom!

First come first serve policy. Those who requested first will get their graphic made first.
If I get too many requests (which won't happen), I'll close DMs and you will no longer be allowed to request until they are open again.

Type: phone wallpaper, icon, header, layout (3+1 layout usually)
Upon requesting: must tell me character(s) from series
For Games: the card you would like to be used in your graphic

"You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want."
- Ging Freecss -
to search my archives, search 'from:shikigfx [your keyword here]'.

to search for a series: ll (love live), lls (love live sunshine), enstars (ensemble stars), deresute (idolmaster starlight stage), other (other fandoms)

to search for a character: enter the character's name in western order (first last)

pending requests
enstars matching wallpapers
Please DM me for:

- you want to make changes to your request/i got some part of your request wrong

- your request isn't on here and i haven't replied to your dm

if you can't reach me on shikigfx, you can DM my personal @kkotomaru